The Brand Story

The object of art is to give life a shape – William Shakespeare

Aakruti meaning form in Sanskrit is all about giving life, shape, utility & beauty to material. It’s about creation. And this creation happens when many deft fingers give life to thoughts & ideas of beautiful minds. Childlike purity in free-flowing ideas gives birth to many products that you would find useful, with aesthetic appeal.

Aakruti products are hand-made; there’s a touch of the heart through hands. There will be those human glitches one may find in the products, but those are just like moles on our face. Some just add more beauty!

Whether it is creating from scratch & dust or adding value to raw products, there’s magic in every piece. The magic of Aakruti!


Aakruti is the Social enterprise brand of Maithree – an association of parents of exceptional children. It functions as an institution committed to the welfare of persons with special needs. The organization offers a wide range of services to address the varying lifestyle needs of a special child/person across her entire lifespan.

Maithree strives to integrate persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDDs) into the mainstream thereby bringing dignity to their lives. To know more about Maithree, click here

Maithree - Aakrutilife


Aakruti was born to give life to the philosophy of enabling children than just helping them learn. Aakruti gives these children, the freedom to create, encourages innovation, and makes them feel economically empowered.

Clubbed with the educative aspect, the power to create and become competitive in the open market adds a lot of confidence to the children. Over time, Aakruti, through constant education & empowerment aims to transform the lives of thousands so children with special needs. 


All Aakruti products created by children of Maithree are done so by children above the age of 18. There are many in the 30-60 age brackets, but they’ll always be children to Maithree.

The production processes have been curated & managed by a 75 member professionally qualified team comprising Special Educators, Occupational Therapists, and Physiotherapists along with 45 support staff manage and provide the services.

The products are the results of processes that are educative, therapeutic, engaging & empowering for the children.